Mind-Body Healthcare Pioneer
John Sarno, MD

Exeter, NH
May 24, 2000

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Dr. John Sarno

Exeter-Best-selling author and physician John Sarno, MD, lectured on his revolutionary approach to the treatment of back pain and other types of chronic pain on the evening of May 24th in Exeter, New Hampshire.  More than 400 people attended Dr. Sarno's lecture in the Assembly Hall at Phillips Exeter Academy.  Dr. Sarno informed the audience that he was speaking to them as though they were his patients, presenting a concise summary of the information he offers his patients at New York University Medical Center, where he practices.  At the conclusion of his talk, audience members peppered him with questions, indicating the great level of interest in exploring new ways of addressing chronic health problems.

Exeter Health Resources sponsored Dr. Sarno's lecture as part of the Elliott Young, MD lecture series, created to help promote community education on matters of health and wellness.

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Dr. Marc Sopher, Dr. John Sarno
Exeter, NH


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